Competitive Gaming Done Right

Mission of Lobby Up!

The mission of Lobby Up! is to create a central hub for gamers to find the perfect gaming communities and to provide a hub for competitive gaming. Lobby Up! believes everyone deserves the right to have an enjoyable gaming experience and we hope this site can help enhance the gaming experience for all!

*as of July 27th

Lobby Up! Competitive Leagues

Lobby Up! runs leagues organically through Lobby Up! as well as partners with high quality leagues to create safe, efficient, and competitive money leagues. To see the information and links to get involved in these leagues click the link below.

Lobby Up! Tournaments and Events

Lobby Up! runs tournaments and events across multiple games and multiple platforms. The full calendar of events and information can be found below.

Lobby Up! Partnership Program

Lobby Up! offers three different unique partnership opportunities to its user base. The options are: League Partnership, Events/Tournaments Partnership, and the Lobby Up! eSports Sponsored Athletes Program. Click the link below to see more info and apply for these programs.

competive leagues and tournaments